Technical Training

Maximize ball control by keeping touches sharp.

Maximum Fitness

Improve and increase your maximum fitness level.

All Levels

Quality training will be adapted to all levels.

Increase fitness level, improve, and develop technique


Who: All club and *pre-college players

What: Extra training

Where: Palisades High School Baseball Field

Sessions: 2x per week

When:  June - August

Days: Tuesday & Thursdays

*Pre-college players are encouraged to bring  college fitness test requirements



  • Anaerobic drills (Game like endurance)
  • Speed, Agility, and Strength
  • Skills and Technique (finishing, first touch, dribbling, passing accuracy, etc.)
  • 1v1’s, 2v1’s, 2v2’s, 3v2’s, 3v3’s, 4v3’s, 4v4’s, possession
  • Psychological preparation through drills

Contact Jeffrey Hajek with any questions.