Alli Meyerhardt

Alli Bio for LA Bulls

Alli is a Colorado native who moved to LA in 2017.  Alli’s soccer journey started  from casual play at the age of 4 to competitive soccer by the age of 10. She decided to make soccer her full time passion when she joined the Colorado Edge as the starting goalkeeper, where she helped the team consistently rank among the top four in the state. Once she was in high school, she maintained her starting position playing for the varsity team all 4 years.

While pursuing her degree in history education at Colorado State University, she continued her involvement in sports as a counselor.  Her passion for education has since translated to how she coaches; bringing to life a space where players know that the point of doing is growth. Her hope is to help them find value within the goalkeeping position and guide them to reach their full potential, on and off the field.

Alli is so excited to be a part of the LA Bulls community and to continue to learn through the guidance of trainings and staff. She hopes to continue to create a supportive environment where players not only begin to master technical skills but embrace the camaraderie of the team and find a similar love that she has had for soccer all these years.


Current Coaching Position:
• LA Bulls

Current Club Positions:
• Programs
• Goalkeeping Coach

Former Coaching Positions:
• University of Colorado Summer Sports Camp

Playing Experience:

• Arvada United - 1994-2001
• Colorado Edge Club - A Team 2001-2007
• Pomona High School - Varsity 2003-2007

• BA: History with a Concentration in Education -Colorado State University
• Pomona High School 2003-2007


Alli Meyerhardt