Mental Performance

Mental Performance is an essential component of soccer success. It involves developing skills such as communication, focus, confidence, motivation, resilience, mental toughness, goal-setting, and self-regulation amongst other things. The Mental Performance Program can help our soccer players improve their mental game and achieve their goals on and off the field. The higher the competition, the higher the challenges. We want our athletes to be prepared for anything and everything.


Coach Henry has worked as a Mental Performance Coach with the Los Angeles City College – Men’s Soccer Team and Judo Team, Los Angeles Harbor College’s Self-Defense Program, and a private consultant for numerous athletes from many sports/martial arts in Los Angeles County. His educational experience include a Master of Arts Degree in Performance Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sport Psychology from National University. Not only that, Coach Henry also has an Associate of Arts Degree in Human Services – Generalist from Los Angeles City College. Combining this with his coaching experience in Soccer & Judo he has develop a unique approach to translating Mental Performance in a Soccer specific way to benefit athletes of all ages.