Mele French, Founder, and Club Director of the Los Angeles Bulls Soccer Club (501(c)(3) non-profit) was developed in Hawaii by the Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club. Kelly Parker, Co-Founder and Technical Director of the LA Bulls Soccer Club, was groomed on Canadian fields. Drafted to New York/New Jersey Sky Blue FC in 2009, the women cultivated a friendship. Ultimately charging ahead by forming the only youth soccer organization founded and operated in Southern California, by women. French and Parker have over 25+ years each competing and coaching soccer. Playing at the highest levels, winning countless league titles, holding collegiate records, earning multiple MVP awards as well as medaling in the Olympics.

Both women have experienced every aspect of the beautiful game; evidence their passion runs deep.

Olympic Bronze Medalist, Kelly Parker - playing the most minutes for team Canda during her cycle, the only two time W league mvp and whose plethora of awards acknowledges her superior accomplishments, retired from professional soccer in 2012 while the unstoppable Mele French reigned supreme. Winning back-to-back W-League Championships in 2013 and 2014,  earning the coveted 2014 MVP award, French continued on to play in the NWSL for Seattle Reign FC before retiring in 2016. But, not before adding one more league title to her esteemed career. This time in the United Women’s Soccer League, with the Santa Clarita Blue Heat FC. Over the course of French and Parker's professional careers, they recognized the lack of highly qualified women in youth soccer. Despite the challenges they've faced and currently face in the predominately male-driven industry, fortunately for our youth, the women aspired to impart their knowledge. Combining their love for the game and fervor to empower young soccer players, Force Football was born in 2012. The training academy focused on developing player technique, soccer IQ, and mentality both on and off the field. Their partnership formed in 2013 with former Sky Blue teammate Jenny Hammond, Director of Coaching (DOC) at Chelsea SC in Orange County and the dynamic duo formed Chelsea SC LA.

French’s development by the Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club apprized her coaching style leading French and Parker to adopt the Honolulu Bulls philosophy. With the women's drive, work ethic, plus French's strong relationship with the Honolulu Bulls, what started as two Chelsea SC LA boys teams grew into a dozen. And, in 2018 they took on the nationally accredited Bulls brand as the Los Angeles Bulls Soccer Club. The club hit a new milestone with joining MLS Next for the 2023-24' season. French and Parker, formidable young girls who traversed a professional path driving them to develop and mentor our youth with the same grit and passion.

Mentors You Want for Your Players.