B11 finalists Los Angeles Bulls
20210725 LA Bulls Surf Cup Days 2 and 3
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The LA Bulls Soccer Club operates with fewer teams to strengthen our quality of development. Additionally, we design new programs that impact our players’ life skills and character both on and off the field.

We encourage our players and parents alike to get involved inside and outside of the community.  During the 2019/2020 season, we successfully improved internal programs, coordinated travel programs, increased field space stability, and continued building a robust scholarship program.

The LA Bulls organization deliberately keeps our club fees below the average but in order to ensure inclusivity, we must rely on outside support. As we aim to keep our expenses within club dues, however, our expenses generally exceed our revenue.

The Los Angeles Bulls Soccer Club is grateful for our generous donors who help us close this gap annually allow us to continue to provide high-quality development to our youth.

Donated funds help to provide the following programs:

  • Player Scholarships
  • Player Travel Programs
  • Coaching Education
  • Coaching Salary/benefit improvement
  • Extra Programs
  • Equipment/Video Tech

No amount is too big or small. We appreciate any amount you Donate!