We aspire to provide financial assistance to all players who without it would be unable to play on an LA Bulls Soccer Club team.  We strive to never turn away a qualified player solely based on the inability to pay. All players who need financial assistance are required to submit an application with supporting documents to the LA Bulls Financial Aid Committee. Families who wish to apply will be provided a link to the financial aid application upon receiving an offer for a spot on an LA Bulls Soccer team. The financial aid application is due two weeks from the date the LA Bulls email the offer.

In addition to providing information about household size, finances, and budget, the application requires submission of the first two pages of the applicant’s tax return and a written summary of why financial assistance is needed.

Our LA Bulls families generously donate to support financial aid. Nevertheless, these donations do not cover the entire cost of financial aid to the club and as a result, financial aid awards are largely subsidized by fees paid by other families. The Financial Aid Program endeavors to ensure financial aid funds are distributed as fairly as possible.


Please direct any questions to our Financial Aid committee