Ages: 4-10 years old

Game formation:  4v4 and 5v5

Beginners, parents, and guardians will be introduced to soccer fundamentals in a fun, supportive, yet challenging environment. Players will receive training from the same high-level coaches who coach our "Competitive" teams.

Players will be developed to join the Bulls' "Younger Competitive" teams should they choose to move on from our internal recreational league. We hope this experience ignites their lifelong passion for the beautiful game.

Players can expect:

  • Training 2x per week over 4 months (Spring and Fall)
  • Internal league games every Saturday
  • Prepared to transition into "Youngers Competitive" team
  • 2 LA Bulls jerseys


Ages: 6-13 years old

Game formation:  7v7 and 9v9

This program is designed and developed for players to learn basic fundamentals, knowledge, and understand the mentality of the game from the same high-level coaches who coach other Bulls' teams.

LA Bulls' technical staff will focus on developing our younger players in order to transition to the Competitive or the College Travel team structure.

Player requirements:

  • Train 3x per week
  • Play in league games
  • Bring a positive attitude and work ethic



Ages: 13-18 years old

Game formation:  11 v 11

We develop our Competitive program players with the same level of guidance and curriculum quality as our College Travel program.

Designed for players who are unsure about playing collegiately but enjoy being challenged and developed in the LA Bulls structured environment.

Players will train 3x per week with their team and participate in 3 local tournaments with the potential to compete in 1 to 2 college showcases. Those players who show interest and have the potential to play in college will compete for time with the College Travel team players. However, they are not obligated to participate in the College Travel team's showcases.

Player requirements:

  • Train 3x per week
  • Compete in league matches
  • Compete in 3 local showcases/tournaments
  • Attend all scheduled events
  • Bring a positive attitude and an above-average work ethic



Ages: 13-18 years old

Game formation: 11v11

Our focus, both on and off the field, is player development and preparation to play collegiate soccer.

LA Bulls technical staff are Olympians, former professional and collegiate players committed to preparing youth players to perform at their highest level while supporting them through the challenging yet exciting recruiting process. This includes helping to put together player's soccer reel, suggesting ID camps, communicating with college coaches, and highlighting academic importance.

Players will compete in college showcases and tournaments. These events are budgeted and designed for the LA Bulls players and staff, only.  This format allows players the opportunity to focus on their performance without outside distractions while the Bulls staff provides tools and resources necessary for athletes to compete successfully.

Competing successfully means players give 100% both on and off the field.  They play to compete, they play for each other, and they support one another, win, lose, or draw. While the Bulls staff continues to strive to impart the significance of taking care of one's mind and body, players are dedicated to their development with the team and train on their own.

Player requirements:

  • Players must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Train 4x per week
  • Compete in league matches
  • Compete in 3-5 college showcases/tournaments in front of college coaches
  • Players attend all scheduled events
  • Extra work on and off the field
  • Compete for playing time/positions weekly
  • Bring a positive attitude and above-average work ethic