Congrats to our 'Ventura Fusion' and 'Socal Summer Showcase' finalists.

Congratulations to our G2008 team for winning silver at 'Ventura Fusion' and B2011 for also winning silver at 'Socal Summer Showcase'.


"What a weekend for our B2011 team. First tourney at the highest level and a Finals appearance! We had high expectations but most importantly we win or lose together. We don’t place success on wins and loses but our progress. Our Final game was our best game of the tourney, and we’ll continue to focus on progression first and foremost. Congratulations Boys. Your Bulls family is Proud of you." - Coach Kelly Parker

“I’m so proud of how the girls played this weekend. They’ve been together less than a year and to reach the final in only their second tournament together is a huge accomplishment. They played some great soccer this weekend and although they fell short at the final hurdle had a great learning experience. I can’t wait to see them shine in season now!” - coach Stacey Rodwell⁣⁣⁣

B11 finalists Los Angeles Bulls
G2008 finalists LA Bulls