Lazaro Morales

Lazaro "Laz"  began playing soccer at the age of 8 at CZ Elite FC, where he played for 10 years at the Gold/Premier level. He has joined the LA Bulls to teach the youth everything he has learned throughout his years as an athlete.

Lazaro's coaching experience began at 15, where he was an assistant coach for CZ Elite's "chiquititos", Spanish for "Little Ones." On summer breaks during his undergraduate studies at UC Irvine, he helped coach a local recreational team in the San Fernando Valley, who are now known as TFA SFV. Upon graduating, Lazaro accepted a position with Dynamo SC, where he was the head coach of their Player Development Academy and assistant coach for their B11, B07, and B06 team. He then transferred to the LA Bulls as an assistant coach, and concurrently coaches with the Angel City Street Team to teach and empower the youth through the love of the sport.

Soccer has made a major impact on Lazaro's life both on and off the pitch, and he is excited to create a similar and positive impact on youth players. He has a mission to make players fall in love with the game of futbol, and takes pride in improving a player's ability with every session.

Current Coaching Positions

  • LA Bulls
  • Angel City Street Team Community Outreach Coach
  • LA Tekkerz Private Training Coach

Current Club Positions

  • Head Coach

Former Coaching Positions

  • Dynamo SFV SC PDA Head Coach and B11/B07/B06 Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Coach Halcones FC B11
  • Assistant Coach CZ Elite FC Youngers

Playing Experience

  • CZ Elite FC 2006-2016
  • UC Irvine Club Soccer 2016-2018
  • John H. Francis Polytechnic HS Varsity - CIF First Team & MVP 2013-2015


  • University of California, Irvine - 2019

  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science